Rev. Miriam, thirty three years ago, originated the “personalized” wedding ceremony in the Santa Barbara area and has enjoyed its expanding popularity.

She is renown for her deeply meaningful and unique ceremonies and best known for her ability to capture who her couples are with amazing accuracy and insight and bring their story and their love to life. She is also acclaimed for her deliverance and presence, her ability to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome, and her power to move people to tears and laughter. Vendors often tell her, “You make me cry every time I hear you speak!”

Rev. Miriam, who enjoys creating new traditions based on what makes the most sense and what is meaningful today, originated the couple facing each other rather than having their backs turned to their guests; over ten years ago she began seating the parents on the opposite side of where they normally sit so that they have a full face-to-face view of their own daughter or son. She changed the “Giving Away of the Bride” to a “Joining of the Bride and Groom” which not only eliminates the impossibility of giving away someone who is loved, she seals the parent-to-child love ever closer.  She has all the parents participate in the joining of the couple as well as giving special tribute to the parent or parents escorting the bride down the aisle. She has transformed this part of the ceremony into a celebration, an expansion of love and joy, and a blessing of the greater family being formed in that moment. In 1992, she started the personal acknowledgement of the parents-a highlight to the couple- and the calling out of the States guests have traveled in from so they instantly feel included and thought of right at the start.

She is well established and respected in the professional wedding community and feels extremely honored to be part of this unique, creative and caring wedding culture that flourishes in Santa Barbara.

She is currently working on three books that will be ready for publication soon.